Training for Individuals, Teams and Managers

If you want to create a high performance flexible work culture, people need to confidently know how to use a new set of skills, tools and processes.  

Managers, teams and employees need to be trained.  Why?

According to our 2015 survey of a national probability sample of full-time U.S. workers, those who DID receive training or guidance on how to use work life flexibility from their employer were: 

  • Significantly more likely (66%) than those who did not (49%) to describe their employer’s commitment to work life flexibility as “strong”.
  • Significantly more likely (58%) than those who did not (45%) to say they discussed informal, occasional shifts in how, when and where they worked with co-workers.
  • Significantly more likely (43%) than those who did not (34%) to report "nothing kept me from using or improving my work life flexibility/I am satisfied."

And yet, more than half (52%) of this national probability sample of full-time U.S. workers said they received NO training or guidance at all, even though 96% indicated they had some degree of flexibility and 33% reported they did most of their work from a remote location not on their employer's site. 

The result? Ambiguity, inefficiency and untapped potential to attract and retain top talent, increase productivity and improve employee work+life fit.  

The Flex+Strategy/Work+Life Fit™ Skills and Tools Framework

Our simple, yet powerful, framework of skills, tools and processes provides structure and clarity within a flexible work culture.

The framework's principles and guidelines help employees, teams and managers establish a cadence of planning, recalibration and coordination that gives:

  • Individuals the confidence to take control of the way their work and life fit together, day-to-day and at major life transitions, and use work flexibility, technology and agile workspaces to be their best, on and off the job. 
  • Teams the confidence to communicate and coordinate their individual flexibility goals to ensure the work gets done, respectfully, efficiently and effectively.
  • Managers the confidence to lead a flexible work team as a coach/facilitator who sets clear goals and objectives, communicates consistently, and recalibrates the flexibility in the group as realities change.  

Delivery options and methods

We can train individuals, teams and managers in the complete framework simultaneously, either as a stand-alone program, as the launch of a six-week pilot, or as part of the broader strategy implementation.  

We can also target one group specifically—give individuals the work+life fit skills and tools, help a team coordinate their flexibility more efficiently, or prepare managers to lead a flexible work team.  

We deliver our trainings live and on a variety of virtual platforms. We also have a new eLearning curriculum, "Taking Control of Your Work+Life Fit," that delivers the individual work+life fit skills and tools on demand. 

We work with each of our clients to determine which content and delivery platform achieves their goals.  

To learn more and to develop a training and development program that meets your needs, contact us at  

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