Six Week Flex+Strategy/Work+Life Fit Pilot

The Power of the Pilot

It's one thing to introduce your workforce to the skills, tools and processes they need to achieve high performance and work+life fit in a flexible work culture.  

It's another to experiment as a group in real-time and experience the mindset shift and behavior change that translates into increased engagement, productivity and well-being. 

The Pilot Process

  • Pre-Pilot Survey: Baseline pulse-check assessment of the current culture of work flexibility and work+life fit.
  • Launch Training: Kick off training for managers, teams and employees on the skills, tools and processes of the Flex+Strategy/Work+Life Fit framework.
  • Weekly Prompts, Support, and Mini-Modules: Encourage new behaviors and thinking, celebrate success, overcome roadblocks and reinforce key concepts.
  • Post-Pilot Survey: Follow up pulse-check assessment to identify needle movement from pilot participation. 

Why six weeks? Research on how long it takes to change a behavior or form a new habit says it ranges anywhere from 21 days to 66 days to even a year.  In today's fast-paced, complex, volatile work environment, few organizations have that much time to devote to change.  But six weeks provides a good solid start.  

Who can participate? Groups that participate in the Pilot together are able to experiment with all three levels of the Flex+Strategy/Work+Life Fit framework--individual, team and manager. However, individuals can also participate in the Pilot without their entire team, however, their experience will focus on gaining confidence to take control of their work+life fit day-to-day to be their best on and off the job. 

Case Study:  Quest Diagnostics High Performance and Work-Life Well Being Pilot (page 14 of CSR report)

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