Caring for Aging Relatives

How do you work and care for one or more aging family members? Elder caregivers need day-to-day and formal work flexibility to deal with this unpredictable, ever-changing challenge.  

Traditionally, we've focused on the flexible work needs of parents; however, if you care for an adult family member (or eldercare), you need work flexibility as much, if not more.  

Today, approximately 42 million U.S. adults provide some form of unpaid caregiving.  That number is expected to increase dramatically over the coming decades.

In 2000, there were 5.1 people aged 16-64 to care for each person over 65 years old. By 2050, that number will drop to 2.9 people.  

Millions will continue to face the complicated, difficult task of caring for mothers, fathers, siblings, friends and relatives while trying to do their jobs.

Day-to-day or formal telework, flexible hours, compressed workweeks and reduced schedules can help you get your job done while managing often unpredictable, ever-changing caregiving demands.

To propose a win-win formal flexible work plan: 

Read: Work+Life: Finding the Fit That's Right for You (Riverhead/Penguin Group, 2004). In her first book, FSG/WLF's CEO and founder, Cali Williams Yost, led the effort to show people how to create, negotiate and implement a formal flexible work plan that officially changed how, when or where they worked for a period of time.  

To get the day-to-day work flexibility you need:

Read: TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day (Center Street/Hachette, 2013). With her NEW book, Yost completes the work+life fit toolkit by helping people harness the power of small actions and priorities to create their own foundation of well-being and order every day.  

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