Cali Yost--Keynote Presentations

Building a High Performance Flexible Work Culture

The way we work has changed radically, but chances are your culture hasn’t. Not that long ago, we engaged with each other at work in the same physical space, at the same time, on the same days. We took care of everything else in our lives...uninterrupted...when we walked out the door of our workplace. No longer.  

Investments in technology and agile workspaces removed the clocks and walls that used to tell us where work ended and the other parts of life began, literally and figuratively. Talent is no longer limited by geography or full-time status, as organizations tap into an increasingly remote, on demand, contingent workforce.  People, especially Gen-Y/Millennials, expect and want a certain level of control and flexibility over how, when and where they fit their work and personal lives together.  

Most organizations have failed to unlock the potential of this workplace transformation because they haven’t built a cohesive high performance flexible work culture. You can change that.  


What people are saying about Cali Williams Yost's inspiring and action-oriented presentations: 

" Cali Williams Yost was the perfect keynote speaker to launch our Spring Leadership Conference. As resources continue to tighten, our leaders must focus on those things that provide the highest impact for our clients and customers, as well as our staff. 

It was more than the content, however, that made Cali’s presentation a hit with our leaders. She is an engaging storyteller, connecting with her audience through examples that apply directly to their work and personal lives. Her perfect blend of research-based concepts and real-world scenarios provided a solid foundation on which to build the skills that will help our leaders to be successful in meeting the challenges ahead.

We are extremely grateful that Cali shared her passion and knowledge on work+life fit with our leadership. Every organization has critical moments in its history which serve as evolutionary leaps that move it forward. Cali’s keynote presentation will be remembered as one of those moments in Berkshire’s future."

-- Timothy Giacchetta, President and CEO, Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth

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